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Thank you for stopping by. Whether you’re a donor, a client, a partner or you just want to learn more, we’re happy you’re here.

At My Furniture Bank (MFB) we help people have what they need to create happy, healthy homes.

We collect gently used furniture donations so that families in need can transform their sparse house or apartment into the comfortable, warm sanctuary a home ought to be for everyone.

And when you donate to My Furniture Bank not only are you helping our community, you’re making an environmentally friendly choice, too. MFB has diverted over 20,000 kilos of waste from landfills!

It also makes financial sense for MFB to be your furniture removal option of choice – MFB will issue you a tax receipt for every item you donate.

Thank you to the communities of Peel and Halton for your continued support. With your help we can end furniture poverty.

Help us create happy, healthy homes.

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We are an Eco-friendly charity…

My Furniture Bank not only helps families in need, but also helps the environment by diverting thousands of pieces of furniture destined for local landfills every year.

We have diverted approx. 18780 items so far!


Our Mission

To help people have what they need to create happy, healthy homes.

Our Vision

Sustainable living for all.




   What do we mean by ‘sustainable living’?

   People – Having furniture is a basic need. It helps to create a sense of safety, security and turns a place to live into a long-term home.

   Planet – Decreasing waste and using what we have already is crucial for the health of our planet.

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People Served
Items Diverted from Landfill


My Furniture Bank takes pride in providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for families, students, seniors, and more. We believe that by engaging volunteers in our work, we make our community a more fulfilling and inclusive place to live.

Our Story

MFB Feel Good Moment

MFB Feel Good Moment

“I moved to Canada in 2014 as a refugee from Guyana. From the day I arrived, I had been on my own....