Become a Partner Agency

We are proud to partner with many wonderful organizations in Peel and Halton. We work together to bridge support and help families on their way to building a better life.

If your agency would like to register with us so we can better support our clients together, then please email us at info(at) We’d love to hear from you. There is no fee associated with becoming an MFB partner agency.

FAQs for Agencies

How does my client get furniture?

1. Caseworker sends a referral to MFB

2. MFB contacts client

3. MFB and client discuss options, payments and set an appointment for the client to come to the warehouse to select their furniture

4. Client comes to the warehouse at the appointed time and selects their furniture

5. Client makes payment

6. MFB delivers furniture to client’s home

Is there a fee for furniture from MFB?

Yes, we charge fees for furniture order services provided to clients.

For furniture Delivery Orders within the Peel and Halton regions, we charge a processing fee of $200 (flat) plus delivery fee of $25 per token for the Order.

For furniture Pickup Orders we charge $300 for Small Orders (7 or less tokens) and $400 for Large Orders (14 or less tokens).

Click here for furniture/tokens grouping.

How does my client make their payment?

Payments accepted are e-transfer or cash. Cash payments can be made at our warehouse by appointment only. We accept debit and credit cards. However, processing fees will apply to credit card payments. E-transfers must be sent to Instructions on how to make e-transfers can be found HERE.

My client has made their payment. When will their furniture be delivered?

That really depends on how busy we are! Usually, it’s within a week.

Is all of the furniture you carry used?

Yes. However, we ensure that all furniture is clean and in good condition. Also, the mattresses, box springs, and bed frames we sell from the Sustainable Sleep Shop are all brand new.

Do you carry mattresses and box springs?

Yes! All of our mattresses and box springs are BRAND NEW and priced separately at incredible rates. As part of MFB’s social enterprise, we sell brand new beds and box springs at dramatically reduced rates. Visit the Sustainable Sleep Shop for details!

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